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Aging Nose Rhinoplasty

Although commonly overlooked, the nose commonly is affected by the aging process just like the face, neck, eyelids and brows. In that way, rhinoplasty for the aging nose can be considered more of a reconstructive procedure where rhinoplasty in the young patient is rather transformative in nature.

Rhinoplasty as an Adjunct to Aging Face Surgery

With time, the structure of the nose weakens and excess skin may develop. This leads to a nose that is longer appearing with decreased projection (nasal projection is the distance of the nasal tip from the face). The nose may have a bump that was not there in youth and even the airway may become impaired due to collapse of the nasal cartilages.

Aging Nose Rhinoplasty – Small Changes for a Significant Improvement

The main goals of rhinoplasty for age-related changes include up-rotation of the nose and increase in projection. You can simulate these changes in front of the mirror with a finger pushing the tip of the nose upwards. If you experienced some nasal obstruction, you may even see an improvement in breathing.

Combining a “Noselift” with Facelift and Blepharoplasty

A rhinoplasty for the aging nose changes can be safely combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelift and eyelid lift surgery. A noselift takes typically less than an hour of operating time. Most facial plastic surgeons will perform an aging nose rhinoplasty under twilight anesthesia using a closed rhinoplasty technique. The rhinoplasty is usually performed first with the other procedures to follow.

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