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The Crooked or Twisted Nose

A crooked nose does not follow the midline of the face. When looking from the front, it may be C-shaped or S-shaped or simply deviated to one side. The deformity may be subtle or quite obvious. Commonly, a deviated nose is a result of nasal trauma such as a nasal fracture but it may also be congenital. Crooked noses always pose a challenge to the rhinoplasty surgeon because various structures of the nose have to be changed in their shape and and require realignment in order to achieve a straight nose. Commonly, the nasal septum and the nasal bones play integral parts in the successful repair of the crooked nose. Because the nasal septum is always involved in the repair of the crooked nose, the septal deviation may cause nasal obstruction (see septoplasty). Although the surgical goal for the crooked nose will always be a perfectly straight nose, this is sometimes difficult to achieve. Functional rhinoplasty is the procedure to repair the crooked nose and it is sometimes covered by the patient’s health insurance.












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