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Computer Photo Imaging – Pros & Cons

Computer programs offer us the ability to alter or enhance photographs. Photo imaging is a technique where the cosmetic surgeon manipulates a patient’s photograph to demonstrate a preview of the post-surgical result. Also called photo morphing, this service can greatly enhance communication between patient and surgeon during the consultation and display the improvement possible with rhinoplasty. This in turn, may enhance the comfort of the patient with his or her plan of undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.

Because only the surgeon has a thorough understanding of the outcome obtainable given the patient’s nasal features and anatomy, he should perform this task himself. Although a talented computer artist may produce the most astonishing transformation of the nose, this resulting picture may be far removed from reality. If nasal photo imaging is performed realistically, it can be a very useful tool in communicating goals and limitations between patient and rhinoplasty surgeon. It will depict that the patient’s vision has been effectively conversed and the possible result is matching the patient’s desire.

However, as every tool, photo imaging can be used inappropriately in rhinoplasty. If used as a marketing and sales vehicle photo morphing looses its educational value and even can be misleading. If a rhinoplasty surgeon never mentions limitations associated with rhinoplasty, you may be careful. An ethical and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will demonstrate only achievable results.

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