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Wide Nostrils (Alar Base Reduction)

The appearance of a wide nose may be in part due to large and wide nostrils. If the nostrils are flared, an alar base reduction can be performed which involves reduction of the size of the nostrils. Sometimes, this can be achieved with incisions hidden inside the nostril. If the nostrils benefit from more substantial size reduction, the incisions will extent to the outside and can be placed in the naturally occurring crease between the nostril side wall and the cheek.

Alar base reductions may also become necessary, when a large nose is made smaller. This re-setting of the nose may lead to increased nostril flare which can be addressed with this added procedure. Without many disadvantages, an alar base reduction procedure can also be performed as an office procedure after the original rhinoplasty.

It is important that the rhinoplasty surgeon performs alar base reductions in a conservative manner. Aggressive removal of skin and tissues can lead to an unnatural look and nostrils that appear to narrow. Sometimes, this can even lead to breathing impairment.











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